See how Sift can help you make a change in your renewables organisation.


Sift is the all-in-one software solution for data analysts that want to expose optimisation potential and increase revenue.


Sift makes complex data science accessible and promotes data exploration. Don’t let your systems confine your ingenuity.

Use cases

  • Bolster your monthly reports with deep insight.

  • Break the back of post-construction long-term yield analysis.

  • Develop, test and verify failure prognostics methods.

  • Inform optimisation strategies, verify corrective action.

  • Quality assure your data, detect and diagnose operating issues.

  • Track power curve, pitch and speed/torque control strategies.

  • Verify nacelle anemometry inconsistencies.

  • Create reference power curves, quantify energy losses.

  • Perform power curve performance test calculations.

  • Do it all for 100s of wind turbines for decades of operating data in a nice graphical user interface. Do it in a jiffy.

Wind turbine SCADA systems produce vast quantities of dark data, data that organisations collect, process, and store during regular business activities but generally fail to use for other purposes.  We use Sift to shine a light on this dark data, to reveal the underlying performance of turbines, projects, and portfolios.



Make perfect sense of your data

Everoze is now able to provide detailed independent performance analyses in the short timescales imposed by the technical due diligence processes. It’s a great tool!




Empower your staff to show their brilliance, ingenuity and problem solving capability.

  • All your detailed operations analytics in one place. It’s faster, cheaper, more reliable and much more powerful.

  • With Sift you can leapfrog the lengthy tools development and analysis learning process, to release additional project value today.

  • Develop in-house capability in wind power performance analysis.

  • With a plug-and-play desktop application there is no lengthy integration process.

  • Tap into over a decade’s experience in performance analysis and optimisation.

  • The power of Python, but with an accessible and domain specific graphical front end.


  • Open data exploration environment to promote ingenuity and discovery.

  • Built to support all aspects of renewable asset performance analysis workflow.

  • Built-in automated anomaly detection algorithms.

  • Hugely flexible graphical interface, with superfast data access and visualisations.

  • Create report-ready imagery in your own colour scheme.

  • Unique and highly flexible data filtering capabilities

  • Export all your results to Excel / CSV.

  • Import directly from MSSQL, MySQL, CSV.

There are many tools that collect and visualise operational data but Sift offers a very unique system which is dedicated to exploring data and systematically seeking patterns and rules. We were originally attracted by the fact that Sift is tailored to the exploration of wind turbine SCADA data but my team are using its structure and analysis functions on many other data streams.



What's in the box?

  • Simple desktop application installation.

  • Individual machine or team licenses.

  • Regular updates for subscribers.

  • Bespoke on-site training available.

  • Support agreements available.

  • Transparent feature road-map guided by subscriber requests.

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