WSP signs up to SIFT

At Lindahl we’re delighted to have WSP join the rapidly growing group inquisitive analysts, engineer and data scientist that are using SIFT to get the most out of operating renewable energy plant. WSP has extensive knowledge of industrial and energy processes combined with the specialist and multidisciplinary skills required to really make this system sing. We’re super-excited to see what great things will come from this cooperation.

Heather Hurree, Technical Manager at WSP commented “SIFT has enabled us to conduct more in-depth analysis of operational assets and consequently, we have been able to gain a better understanding of wind farm performance. The software is user-friendly and has allowed our analysts to quickly navigate through large databases in a relatively short time. As renewable energy consultants, the speed, flexibility and in-depth analysis that SIFT provides have been a huge contributor to the successful completion of our projects”.

SIFT is a data science studio developed by Lindahl Ltd. and is available for licencing by your organisation.

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