Lindahl welcomes Pure Energy Professionals to the SIFT family

Pure Energy Professionals "PEP" have chosen SIFT as a cornerstone for their operational performance services. At Lindahl we're of curse delighted to have new users joining our family, and the fact that they're operating out of our old stomping grounds just makes it sweeter.

James Davison of PEP commented:

SIFT helps us analyse performance across large numbers of turbines in multiple countries, and it allows us to follow up and diagnose our clients’ sneaking suspicions about possible underperformance of turbines much faster than anything we have encountered previously.
It is a valuable part of our review toolbox, along with our mapping systems and comparative benchmarking of yields, failure rates, and costs, and means we can systematically identify improvements that can be implemented in practice. We use it as part of our Operating Asset Management services, in Due Diligence and also for individual project and portfolio reviews for owners and operators.
Wind turbine SCADA systems produce vast quantities of data, which are sometimes described as “Dark Data” – the information assets that organisations collect, process, and store during regular business activities but generally fail to use for other purposes. PEP uses SIFT to take this dark data from SCADA systems and shine a light on the underlying performance of turbines, projects and portfolios.
It is the best tool we have found for this part of our work as it manages large quantities of data fast, whilst ensuring that the results have an audit trail – something we absolutely insist on.
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