Lindahl provides software, training and process development to ORE Catapult

Lindahl Ltd have provided software, a series of workshops, and support in developing process documentation to ORE Catapult to help elevate the in-house capability in processing and using data collected at operational wind farms for performance monitoring and failure prognostics.

The syllabuses for the workshops were jointly developed between Lindahl and ORE Catapult to ensure a perfect fit with the organisation. The content provided a structured framework covering complete analysis life cycle, from data preparation, analysis, and results interpretation. A range of common data quality issues and operational performance issues were reviewed in detail, exploring methods for automating detection and correct diagnosis. Process documentation was provided for specific analysis tasks, with clear links to how to complete the analysis tasks within the Sift software product.

Dr. Conaill Soraghan, Team Leader at ORE Catapult commented:

As an innovation centre and an owner of operational wind turbine plant, it is crucial that we have tools that can help us understand our wind turbine data, and also have in-house capability in wind power performance analysis. Working with Lindahl exceeded my expectations on this front. They have a wealth of industry experience to draw on while the small and agile size of the company allows very quick turnaround time for deliverables and extremely bespoke training and guidance sessions.
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