Everoze boosts analysis capabilities with SIFT

It's great to have a forward thinking and growing company such as Everoze choosing to use our software product to help them elevate their data analysis capabilities.

Clement Hochart, Everoze Partners Ltd.

SIFT is a smart and comprehensive analysis tool allowing huge SCADA data sets to be reviewed in detail in a quick and intuitive manner. We reviewed several different software solutions and we believe SIFT is the only one that provides sufficient data analysis functionality. It is ideal to visualise many different SCADA signals from several turbines at the same time, accurately identifying performance issues and estimating the associated energy losses.
Within 6 months Everoze has used SIFT on more than 20 wind farms in France and UK, mainly in the context of re-estimating the long term energy yield from a detailed review of historical operational performance data. We’ve reviewed performance data from over 170 turbines in total over an average of four operational years. Thanks to Delve, Everoze is now able to provide detailed independent performance analyses in the short timescales imposed by the technical due diligence processes. It’s a great tool!

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