Cubico Sustainable Investments sign up to SIFT

A while back we had the pleasure of welcoming Cubico Sustainable Investments to our group of very productive analysts getting stuff done in SIFT.

Cubico is one of the world’s leading renewable energy infrastructure companies, covering the whole energy chain from development and/or construction to operation and management with a portfolio of onshore wind, solar PV and solar thermal, in Europe and Central and Latin America. We followed up with Jack Marriott, Energy Analysis Manager at Cubico, to hear why they chose SIFT and how it fits within their organisation:

“Licencing SIFT was a key step in expanding our capability to perform in-house analysis across our growing portfolio of operating wind assets (1 GW+). While cloud-based platforms provide us with high level KPI tracking, we chose SIFT to provide a significantly deeper level of analysis functionality. From future yield re-forecasting, to performance analysis and optimisation, we can now delve into our data in a way that we were not able to before.”

SIFT works with your monitoring system, not instead of. It's a place to explore data and gain new insights which, as an owner operator, you can incorporate into your automated and regular monitoring tasks.

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