Analysis software and consultancy services for the renewables sector.

We’ve being doing data driven performance diagnostics and optimisation for a long time and have become rather excellent at it. Our mission is to help you become excellent too.


Data science made accessible

The most comprehensive operational data exploration software studio. It is designed specifically for engineers, technical analysts and data scientist working in the renewable energy sector.

  • Understand the real performance of your operating wind farm and solar pv plant in unprecedented detail.

  • Full flexibility in how you manipulate your data, with graphical tools to support every step of the performance diagnostics workflow.

  • Utilising the power of Python and Hdf, we handle datasets for the largest assets and the longest operating periods with ease.

  • Unleash the power of Sift to boost the efficiency and revenue of your assets.

Tailored services

Whether you need results quickly or  are thinking long-term, we can help with anything data-driven.

  • Need results in a hurry? We help you with performance MOT, detailed diagnostics and optimisation, energy yield predictions, energy shortfall reconciliation,  support with LD claims, and much more, utilising the powerful Sift system.

  • Thinking long-term? We support you with everything from process definition, method development, training and software - all you need to bring your organisation to the Expert level.

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