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Staffan has been an engineering consultant with a specific focus on the performance of operating wind energy plants for over a decade.

In 2006 he joined Garrad Hassan (later DNV GL) as one of the first members of the Asset Management and Optimisation Services department. In this role he led the development of methods, processes and software tools for the effective analysis of wind turbine operational data, and managed the technical consulting service and a team of engineers working on a wide range of topics related to wind farm operations. In 2015 Staffan joined Uptime Engineering GmBH, with a mixed role in business development, software development, and automation of state detection and failure prognostics.

Staffan founded Lindahl Ltd. in 2016 after working for 10 years in renewables sector. The vision of the company is to help maximise asset value through improved understanding of real-world operational performance and through optimisation, and thereby contributing towards a better, cleaner and more sustainable future. This is achieved through sharing knowledge, experience and software with industry stakeholders.


Sift is the result of  over a decade's experience in wind turbine performance analysis. You can now bring that data expertise and understanding to your projects.

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